Titanfall 1

Titanfall 1
No chance of it "campaign" of Titanfall is a joke, a sort of playlist that combines maps and game modes in which vorb─âraia background (story, as it were) is covered by voice chat, interrupted when you die and generally totally useless. Better would be implemented offline against bots fight than this sham campaign, whose only role is to release additional models Titans.
Titans are the second largest novelty brought by this game, their control as easy as possible, even if it offers the same degree of freedom. Furthermore, although they may dominate human opponents, the Titans are not invincible, their removal is relatively simple for a group of skilled players. In addition to their direct attack using weapons dedicated players can jump "dumped on" robots, trying elimination "heroic" to their kamikaze flavor. Titan vs titan fights are also successful, with secondary weapons retained for the appropriate time or use shield against enemy missiles that can turn to.
If you were to look for other minuses, it is worth mentioning some shortcomings hard to justify for a multiplayer game. Missing the opportunity to hold private sessions, players are limited to the matchmaking system currently offered by manufacturers (which works quite well, however).

I also missed an option through which you can more effectively manage the group of friends with whom play: should offer support for clans, support for rematch sites where teams want this and many other options missing currently in Titanfall. True, Respawn has promised to resolve some of these issues through future updates.
Graphically, Titanfall not bad, but will not break fair mouth. The graphics engine choice Respawn - Source Engine - does its job but pales appearance detrimental's framerate high and the network code, vital for the smooth online matches. Thus, our test system we encountered no problems running fluent Titanfall resolution and graphics options pushed to the maximum.
So although it has some shortcomings, Titanfall manages to successfully fulfill what aims: providing a viable alternative to multiplayer shooters already on the market. Freedom of movement and extra dose of adrenaline brought the advent of the Titans in battle weigh in favor of the game from Respawn. In other words, rather than playing Call of Duty or Battlefield, personally I prefer a healthy dose of Titanfall.
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