13 most useful applications for smartphone

Smartphone applications are not meant only for entertainment, can be extremely useful in daily life. Here is a list made by the folks at Business Insider

Dark Sky - an application that tells you exactly when it rains or snows. It has excellent design and offers predictions minute. It costs $ 3.99 and is available for iOS

Level Money - helps you control your budget. It connects to your bank account and tells you how much money you can spend in a given day. Consider your income, month and spend as you try to save. If you spend too much in one day, the application will calculate how you can recover the next day. It's free and available for Android and iOS

FlyCleaners - is an application that helps when you're too busy to find time to wash your dirty clothes. It's free and available on iOS and Android.

Sky Guide - is an astronomy application that uses the camera to locate stars, constellations and planets. It costs $ 1.99 and is available on iOS

Venmo - helps you pay your friends directly from your phone. It connects to your bank account, is 100% secure. It's free, available on iOS and Android

1Password and LastPass - are two services that stores all your passwords on devices. With a special extension for the browser, you can save only a 'master password' and the app does the rest. The first is available on iOS ($ 7.99), Android (free), Mac and Windows ($ 49.99). The other is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone and is free

Timeful - is a smart calendar combined with the list of what's needed to do. Learn how fix things algorithm application and suggest ways to help you create others. It's free and available on iOS

Yahoo Weather - is the most beautiful weather app. He received numerous awards, being elegant, informative and extremely useful. It is free and iOS, and Android.

Square - help card payments regardless of where you are. Use a square reader is inserted into the headphone port. The nice is that you can register for free and you will send that Square credit card reader for free. The app is also free on iOS and Android

Hyperlapse - created by Instagram app helps stabilize clips that you create. Unfortunately, it's only available on iOS, but it's free

Skype - does not need any introduction. It is the best application at this time messaging and video calls. It is free on iOS and Android

Google Chrome - the best browser for smartphones at the moment. It is free on iOS and Android

Humic - is an application that remembers all the details about how and where you meet someone, so you can concentrate on the moment instead to remember. All you need is know your phone number and humic do the rest. It is free and available on iOS