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While in the real world means one minutes 60 seconds, the digital landscape is measured every minute 48 hours of videos uploaded to Youtube, 700,000 statuses or photos on Facebook or the 300,000 messages posted on Twitter.
In this context, trying to embody the very essence ephemeral, Snap Chat application proposes the concept of erasing memories online by default.

Currently, more than 2 billion Internet users have become increasingly aware of their need almost organic technology. At the same time, they began to understand the blurring of private space, changing the nature of human relationships, but also the digital side deep involvement in everyday life.

One of the consequences of this dependency is the so-called "Google effect" described in detail in the journal Science, which demonstrate that modern human memory has deteriorated with the advent of search engines. Placed under examination, a person overexposed to technology will not mention precise information, but will know only way to reach the answer. Another example is the phenomenon of amnesia details of the objects photographed. A new study published in Psychological Science shows that there is a difference in the brain processes the information in a given environment: automatically, by use of the camera, and specifically, in the case where there is a combination personal the object looked.

People simply use their cameras to photograph what I see already, "said study author Linda Henkel, a researcher in the psychology department of the University of Connecticut Fairfield, continuing: Do not pay attention to the space in which they find themselves. It is as if the picture would be more important than their very presence there.
Snapchat Hack

The negative effects are obvious. The brain is more involved, so is more likely to process stimuli and to form new conclusions effectively. Also, as remarked Joshua Foer in his book about memory art and science of remembering everything: "Creativity occurs as a result of a mind who knows and keeps his mind the past." Snapchat creates addiction the and it will mean billions of fans that he has. The application which appeared closely resembles the app Snapchat has many fans because it is simpler to use and does not delete your posts, they remain there as in other applications. This is called Snapchat hack and contains many masks that you can surprise your friends. Snapchat hack can be downloaded for free and can be used for any mobile device.

After I read the article about Snapchat some studies on this platform and why she got so much among teenagers. Still I do not think it will have a major impact on us, especially for brands, but I found the presentation below about how you can use Snapchat really, especially since quite different from the rest of platforms, and has a culture unique.