US spy planes taking off in Japan after the nuclear test announced by Pyongyang

US spy planes taking off in Japan after the nuclear test announced by Pyongyang
Everything works. It shoots, will work very well. The team is in place and now we are in preparations. We are working on system integration in NATO architecture and soon begin installation in Poland.
US military officials spoke at a national symposium about the new strategy of US naval forces in Europe. Mark Ferguson revealed that all localized capabilities on the European continent operates constantly to cover location and keep a low profile as part of a strategy that was routine during the Cold War and is a response to the aggression of the Russian Federation.Late last year, the United States and Romania have announced the completion of the missile base at Deveselu, constructed as part of the US missile defense system developed in Europe against possible attacks from Iran. From Bucharest, US Ambassador Hans Klemm wanted to reaffirm the strictly defensive shield to appease the Russians.
In first Test

In a demonstration for the first time, the United States tested the responsiveness of the missile shield in Europe. Exercise in October 2015 came amid criticism of Moscow to the project.In a first exercise of its kind, US Navy put into action missile defense system developed in Europe. The test was organized on October 20, in the British Isles Hebrides in the North Atlantic.
The exercise simulated a combined attack against NATO and consisted in the launch of a ballistic missile short-range, combined with the launch of two anti-ship cruise missiles. Projectiles were used to annihilate interceptor missiles SM-2 and SM for-3 launched from the USS Ross and USS The Sullivans, according to the 6th Fleet Command United States.
Moreover, the destroyer USS Ross patrols in the Mediterranean and enter periodically in the Black Sea as part of the reinsurance NATO's eastern flank. In the spring of 2015, USS Ross participated in naval exercises in the Black Sea with Romanian and the Ukrainian Navy. In those maneuvers, two Russian military planes approached within walking distance of US combat vessel, which has caused tension between Washington and Moscow.The exercise, called At Sea Demonstration 2015 was held on 18-20 October was watched aboard the destroyer USS Mount Whitney representatives of nine states.
The system, built amid Russian threats
Location missile shield in Europe was held steady amid criticism of the Russian Federation. Sometimes, Moscow's reactions bring more threats, as was the case in October 12, 2015.Then the Russians resumed threats to Romania, demanding the abandonment of plans for new US missile defense system placing our country.
According to head of non-proliferation, disarmament and arms control in the Russian Foreign Ministry, the layout of the missile in Romania would be a flagrant violation of the United States of intermediate nuclear forces treaty.
Mikhail Ulyanov said that missile target and attack drones, which can be used to launch cruise missiles with medium-range, can be installed on military ships, but not land. We urge the United States and Romania to understand their entire responsibility for the evolution of these events and give up these plans as it is not too late, then forwarded the Russian official. In response, American and Romanian officials reiterated their defensive nature of the project, not to slow or stop the work.