7 places where you can survive in case of Apocalypse or war.

7 places where you can survive in case of Apocalypse or war.

Have you ever thought that there may be a safe place where you can hise in case of a natural disaster or artificial disaster? Here are some places where it looks like we can accommodate disaster.

1.Cape Town.
Cape town is the second most populous city in South africa, a city which reveals breathtaking views. Even on Earth, things would take a tragic turn, Cape Town would no change too much. The economic situation of the city is indepenedent, has no connection with the situation in towns sister from the North.

2. Berna.
Switzerland proved undoubtedly a refuge from Europe’ s bloody past. Berna is surrounded by the Swiss Alps, which also act to protect the city and its capital is probably the best place on the continent where someone could hide, and because of it is diplomatic. Switzerland is knnown for its neutrality in relation to the tense clashes which took place in the last hundreds years, so because of this positioning, Berna could be the ideal place to hide during the World War III. Agricultural lands in Switzerland are already recognized as aome of the most fertile in the region, and global warming will only amplify these benefits.

3. Tierra del Fuego
Weather in Tierra del Fuego seems ideal. The way the wind seems ideal to avoid radioactive fallout. It is extreme position gives it an advantage for invaders.

4. Yukon
Yujon is the most western federal territories. Currently, the economy depends on tourism and government. The area could accommodate small communists in the event of Apocalypse. Fauna is very rich and people can survive by hunting and trapping of location, activities that are likely to be very popular and necessary in the event of global catastrophe. In the event of a disaster, because the land is affected, farming becomes impossible. In the course of humanity back to normoal, Yukon seems the ideal area. In the Yukon there is an ideal are for exploration of rare metals. And rivers become an advantage for transport.

5. Kansas
Kansas is considered as the only US city that will remain in effect regardless of what happens. It is positioned on either of the two ribs, so people should not worry about security, invasions and other issues. It is surrounded by a lot of arable land, only good for the cultivation of cereals and livestock. Kansas is at an important railway junction, so transportation would not be a problem, regardless of how things would follow.

6. Isle of Lewis.
Lewis Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, many kilometers away to the first territory. It is perfectly positioned to avoid any war or Revelation. There there are a lot of natural resources, resources that make this place ideal place to shelter you from Revelation.
Aside from the list of areas where you can shelter in the event of Revelation, and to take the other side of things. When we speak of Revelation, we think the end of the world and the end of the world understand the total destruction of the planet. If the planet is destroyed completely, as we could hide in these locations that seem safe in emergencies? We probably will not find the answer to this question. Better we live with the thought that we can be saved from such places than we start to panic.