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LG G4 has a very good battery life, among other things because the Android system is optimized to do more with less energy. However, this does not mean that we do not need more autonomy. The current flagship of the South Korean is equipped with a battery of 3,000 milliamps, which is not nothing bad if we compare it with that offer other terminals in the competition. Even so, many users prefer to make use of external chargers to extend the length of the device. In addition to using these saves lives of breaking, did you know that you can squeeze the most battery LG G4 if you carry out a series of actions?

The technique of producing smart phones as US industry is due. A program called how to track a phone can change any smartphone operating system.
It is clear that the screen is one of the parts of the phone that can most affect the battery life. On many occasions put the brightness automatically help you consume less energy. Go to settings > display > brightness > automatic brightness to activate it. You will make sure, when you're in a place with much light, your device identifying intelligently you don't need so much brightness. Furthermore, the GPS is another great guilty that your device is every few minutes at minimum. If you thought that the location was only required for Google Maps, think again: used to Google Now and all kinds of third-party applications, which significantly affects the battery. It is a great idea to turn off location services when you don't need them. To do this go to settings > location and disables the location button.

If you stop to think, having activated multiple forms of connectivity (WiFi, bluetooth, 3G, LTE...) has very negative repercussions on autonomy. Maybe that individually no notes so much, but the sum of all of them ends up undermining the battery at the end of the day. You can turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth connections from the Quick Setup panel, or you can simply put the LG G4 in airplane mode to turn off all at once. This is especially useful when we are in a place where we do not have sufficient coverage.

Just as in a large number of mobile current, LG G4 also features a saving mode that will allow you to get a higher percentage of battery at the most unexpected moments. Imagine you are far from home and anywhere to charge the mobile. If you're about to see him die, it is time that you activate this function without hesitation. You can also activate it so that it starts when the battery reaches to 15 percent. Logically you can not use mobile in full. Save mode is designed so that you keep some of the most basic functions, which in the end always end up needing in extreme situations (send messages, receive calls...). Finally note that LG G4 is compatible with Chargers QuickCharge 2.0 of Qualcomm. Charger that comes from the factory does not provide this rapid charging technology, but certainly it is worthwhile to get one.

The traditional desktop screen is no longer the only instrument of work. For some years, employees use their own smartphones and tablets to perform its functions. According to a Tech Pro Research study, 74% of companies already allow or plans to allow its employees to carry their own devices to the office.

Despite the benefits to the companies, as the improvement of communication with the workers when they are not in their job, must be aware of the challenges to the security of sensitive data in the era of the BYOD ('Bring Your Own Device'), the name that is known to this corporate trend.

The variety of devices used in the business environment and the consequent loss of control of information by the company, the many vulnerabilities of mobile devices or the possibility that a Web of criminal use smartphones as fake access point to access the corporate network are some of the main threats.

The National Institute for cyber security (INCIBE) has warned businesses of these dangers are facing when they adopt a BYOD strategy and has also offered some possible measures to prevent them.

Mobile Phone Tracker besides offer you the posibility to detect mobile phone, offer your posibility to block permanent your own device, this in case you can’t recover even you locate the device. Person who have you, don’t know that you locate the device and block it.
Mobile Phone Tracker, in the location process, offer you a map, in real time with StreetView application. If the person who have your phone lives on the block, Mobile Tracker show you the floor.Phone Tracker present you a high level of performance, who try so keep up with new technologies. With satellites, localisation is globally in seconds.
Those from Apple developed something like our program, but is compatible only with IOS operating systems, what it means only Iphone holders can use that. Mobile Phone Tracker is compatible with IOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry without exception and errors during download, installation and using. Application installs depending the device system to have an easy use.

So, if at the moment is you was going through head to ask workers that will eliminate your corporate email on your mobile phone, stop worrying. The best thing you can do is to follow the advice of INCIBE to better protect devices from your workers and ensure the confidentiality of your company's data: