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This is the fun time where a couple of magicians become the protagonists of the live connection of the informative of the British chain 'Sky News'.

While the reporter Ashish Joshi was supposedly informing about the novelties introduced by David Cameron in the reform of the Social Security outside the Palace of Westminster, "comic magicians" Richard Young and Sam Strange ('Young & Strange') entered in terms of the right to perform a trick of magic behind the presenter.

However, it turns out that not everything is as it seems. Joshi was part of the joke and the so-called "live" broadcast was never carried out. 'Sky News' has confirmed through Twit ter the video turned out to be a trick by own reporter.
One of the strengths of Yahoo has always been the distribution of news, particularly, for his global work and coverage of different categories of interest: science, politics, sports, health, economy, technology, etc.

As well, for such distribution not only its web version was renovated a few months ago but it was launched to a specialized application called Yahoo News Digest than from Android and iOS mobile — stay up to date with the latest news of the aforementioned topics.

The app was recently optimized to enrich your experience on large screens of the iPads, giving them a new interface style magazine digital, interactive and personalized, and that change is evident from today also in
The optimized version, as well as his "sisters", offers news or most recent "stories" to the time in which the user wants to "Digest"; Each story is generated from the captured from multiple sources of trust and with different contents multimedia + (videos, infographics, quotations, maps, etc.). The big difference is that the landscape screen will give life to a better use of such formats.

In the end, simply install the usual Yahoo News Digest for Android app being able to recognize the screen size and thus present the appropriate interface.

Worth mentioning that, although Yahoo News Digest comes with an international Edition along with the specialized public of United States and United Kingdom, for now only offered in the language of these last two regions: English.

When asked about the future of Windows 10 in the company, 39% of the readers of this publication considers the new version of the OS has no place in the corporate field whenever it proves to be safe and fast.

Two out of ten interviewed consider character multi-device of the new version as one of its major strengths to gain ground in the business field.

On the other hand, 22% of respondents considered that there are still years of transition and therefore presence of XP in companies. Windows XP still has a market share of 18 at a global level.

Competition for the professional market that has fuelled the macro Apple-IBM Alliance, the majority considered that Microsoft will continue to dominate the segment. Just 17% of voters sees Apple over Microsoft in the enterprise.