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Mobile banking applications adapt new technologies.
The mobile phone has become an indispensable reality of daily life, as a way to access and bank accounts. Technology development but banks did begin to drop first choice, most rudimentary, mobile banking and adapt their services to new generations of mobile phones.
Mobile banking service was launched over 10 years ago, was possible thanks to financial instititiile partnerships by mobile operators. Over time, the mobile banking service has grown strongly and now banks offer customized solutions. phone or tablet with Internet access: iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia,
Special applications easy access to bank account
UniCredit Tiriac Bank has launched its own version of mobile banking app, compatible, according to the representatives of the bank, with almost any
Compared to access your account on the PC, the mobile variant, does not require an authentication token, which is electronically embedded into the application. Customers only need to know.
Compared to other alternatives, mobile banking application can be purchased separately from internet banking account. UniCredit Tiriac Bank require a surcharge of 2 USD / month if the application is achzitionata separately and is offered free of charge in the various packages.
The client receives the necessary data by downloading the application and validation SMS account within 48 hours of the request in the bank agencies, or automatically, through online banking account if you already have such a plan.
And ING Bank, Banca Transilvania, Raiffeisen Bank, and Millennium Bank have devised special applications for those smartphone operating system iOS and Android. Applications can be downloaded for free from the AppStore or Android Market, but the realization of operations is available only to those who have internet banking subscription.