Guide to the Best Clash of Clans Game Strategies: A Walk Through

Guide to the Best Clash of Clans Game Strategies: A Walk Through

If you are into clash of clans game and you have been playing for a while, but noticed that you having a hard time building an impenetrable fortress or defeating that green goblin, then you are probably in need of great help. There are many Clash of Clans Game Strategies that players use to win extra loot or be in the advantage during the game play. Here are an outstanding guide to building defensive buildings, farming strategies and compositions of the best armies. How can I be the best clash of Clans player? Follow these simple tips;
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Clash of Clans Game Strategies: Save Gems

As a beginner, you will start off with only 500 gems. After you have completed the tutorial, you will have to give up 50 gems for building simpler structures. One good tip is to aim for Builder three. Builder three costs only 500 gems, and if you do not shed your 50 gems and instead save it for buying builder three, it is going to be a great help. Builder three allows you build multiple buildings at one time. After you have completed building without purchasing a single gem, you will unlock the fourth builder. Therefore, it is important to save gems as much as possible and use only the most important resources. Utilize cheap elements that can be produced relatively quickly.

Clash of Clans Game Strategies: Use Spells Sparingly

Because it is not easy to produce a spell, it is generally recommended using spells only when absolutely necessary. Assess the particular battle that you are in. Does it deserve the spell that you are going to use? Be informed that the rage spell requires about 23,000 elixirs and the healing spell is not better because it demands about 15,000 elixirs. Make certain that you will earn more than the mentioned elixirs after you have used the spell.

Clash of Clans Game Strategies: Slow Town Hall Upgrade
Most of clash of clans gamers do not know this, but the loot penalty of the town hall is the single most important rule to understand if you want to achieve the most of your clash of Clans experience. Because the town hall loot penalty is not mentioned anywhere in the game, it is your sole responsibility to understand it.

Town hall penalty causes you to lose your loot that you can steal from an enemy. This is especially applicable if you have a more advanced or higher town hall compared to your competitors. If you do have a higher town hall, the amount of loot that you can steal from your enemy is reduced to only 90 percent. Much worse, when your town hall is two times higher, you will get only 50 percent and so forth. The ideal clash of Clans game strategies should, therefore, teach you to max out your defenses while getting into level four of the town hall. As promised here are all the exciting tutorials for clash of clans from farming to army compositions. Happy Building!