Galaxy on Fire – Alliances

As promised by the software house Deep Silver (and maybe even a few days in advance) arrives on Android's new sci-fi strategy MMO Galaxy on Fire - Alliances, set in the universe of Galaxy on Fire 2 is in fact a strategy title imprinted on online gaming experience (in style Clash of Clans, for instance) that has as its objective the colonization of a part of the galaxy.

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In Galaxy on Fire - Alliances, once you have chosen your race (Terrans, Nivelians or Vossk), we will be launched in the management of a galactic empire. We will have to manage our planets (think in the galaxy there are more than 200,000), adjacent territories, and of course, our fleet, which is useful to expand and defend against attacks from other players. The galaxy is in fact a bustling online world, where we will have to form alliances and battle give users more intrusive.

A sort of Clash of Clans is, but with much more deep and complex mechanical, assisted by a three-dimensional graphics engine rather than cured. Galaxy on Fire - Alliances is available free on Play Store, obviously aided by optional in-app purchases, and is translated into Italian. The game requires at least 512 MB ​​of RAM and Android 4.0.3. We leave you then with the badge for download, with the official trailer and some illustrative images. Have fun!